Valentine’s Day Date Night In

On Valentine’s Day, restaurants can get booked up pretty quickly, so whether you need a last minute date night idea or you are looking to create a cozy date night in – this is the post for you!

I purchased everything at West Lafayette’s Fresh City Market and only used 4 ingredients:

  • Hersey’s Kisses ($2.09)
  • Nestle Semi-Sweet Morsels ($2.29)
  • Raspberries (2 for $9.98)
  • Sushi (2 for $19.98)



It all cost just over 34 dollars to a create a cute at home dinner and desert for you and your Valentine. Plus, there are plenty of left over Kisses and Morsels to use again another time!

Fresh City Market has amazing sushi that tastes fresh as if you bought it at a pricy restaurant; however, it is less than 10 dollars a roll. This sushi creates a fancy dinner feel without breaking the wallet and without wasting any time.

The best part about this date night is it’s quick. All the ingredients for this dinner are already made, which means you can easily grab and go. As college students, many of us are very busy and either don’t have time to cook an extravagant meal or maybe even forget to make a dinner reservation. That’s when this DIY Valentine’s Date night is perfect.

Simply plate the sushi, put the chocolate morsels inside the raspberries, sprinkle the Hersey’s Kisses around the table, light a candle, and just like that the date night is complete.

Pour a drink for you and your Valentine and you are ready to enjoy the evening.


Happy Valentine’s Day! xoxo


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