Need some major hair care?

If you’re anything like me, my hair gets beyond dry in the winter; not to mention that it gains static and my color also begins to look dull.

For all your hair care needs, I highly recommend visiting Eclectic Hair Salon located in West Lafayette.

For day to day hair care, I found a perfect product at the salon called ‘Smooth Perfection Style + Care Infusion’. It is a two in one serum and leave in conditioner. It offers 72 hours of frizz protection, maximizes color vibrancy and works as a leave in conditioner.

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 11.31.24 PM.png

Not only does Eclectic Hair Salon have beneficial hair care products but they also offer many services including: haircut, hairstyle, color, and highlights, but their best service for solving winter hair dullness is the smoothing hair treatment. This is their website’s definition of their smoothing hair treatment:

“For people with curly, wavy or straight hair – our smoothing hair treatments relax and improve the overall health of your hair. Our hair smoothing treatments are keratin enriched to straighten and smooth out your hair for eight weeks. This indulgent formula will strengthen and smooth out your hair’s cuticles.”

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 11.37.58 PM.png

Eclectic made it to number one on Yelp’s list. If you want to see the 10 best hair salons in West Lafayette according to Yelp, check them out here.

I trust Eclectic with all my hair care needs. If you feel you need a new product, color, or smoothing treatment. Check them out and you can make an appointment here.


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