Purdue has a club for you

I did a little research and found out that Purdue has quite the club selection. Not only that, but they have many clubs that I never even knew existed. I want to share a few of the clubs with you that I found most entertaining, creative and humorous. Whether this list sparks your interest or you simply find it amusing, I hope it can bring you some entertainment on this happy Friday.

11 Interesting and Creative Clubs at Purdue:

  • 3D Printing Club (3DPC)
    • 3DPC aims to promote and teach Purdue students about the concepts and practices of a new manufacturing process called three-dimensional printing. This club will offer, to all students, education and a hands on experience with this technology.
  • Boiler Blade (BB)
    • A club that organizes and regulates Belegarth sport games on campus. Belegarth is a medieval combat sport game in which padded weapons are used to fight other players in a full contact, full action style. Meetings Saturdays, Cary Quad, 2:00.
  • Boiler League of Tag (BLT)
    • The Boiler League of Tag encourages leadership, cooperation, and creative thinking through various events centered around the ideals of the game of Tag. It achieves this through several different events, most notably is its flagship Humans versus Zombies.
  • Disney Appreciation Club
    • The Disney Appreciation Club’s main purpose is to allow Purdue students to indulge on their nostalgic cravings as a collective group. The organization also allows students to appreciate the creative genius of Walt Disney and the Disney Corporation.
  • Drone Club
    • The Purdue Drone Club exists to promote and teach Purdue students about the concepts, uses, and practices of drones. This clubs offers hands on workshops for anyone who is interested in designing, building, or flying drones.
  • Purdue Campus Cursive (PCC)
    • We are the Purdue University branch of More Love Letters, lifting and empowering individuals through tangible acts of love.
  • Purdue Cyber Forensics (PCF)
    • This club is for people of all majors that are interested in the exciting field of cyber forensics
  • Purdue Intercollegiate Quidditch Association (Purdue Quidditch)
    • Purdue Quidditch is a club that allows people the opportunity to play quidditch on Purdue’s campus. We have a competitive traveling team that competes at tournaments, but we also have casual games socials for those not wishing to be compete.
  • Purdue Metal Club (PMC)
    • The Purdue Metal Club is a friendly environment where students who listen to heavy metal can come together and discuss the various facets of metal.
  • Purdue Ukulele Club (Pukes)
    • A place for beginners and experts alike to explore their interest in the ukulele.
  • Zoological Society (Zoo Club)
    • The Zoological Society provides students the opportunity for hands on exotic animal experience and interaction. Every two weeks we bring in a speaker who has had exotic animal experience.

If this list of clubs didn’t strike your interest, Purdue’s full list of clubs can be found on BoilerLink. I talked on Instagram this morning about the importance of relishing in your time at Purdue. I believe getting involved and joining a club is an amazing way to meet people and do just that.

Don’t forget about Purdue’s 4-3-2-1-Graduate initiative:

4 – Graduate in four years

3 – Maintain at least a 3.0 grade point average

2 – Study two hours for every hour spent in a classroom

1 – Make one leadership commitment

If you stay on top of your studies the 4-3-2 should be easy enough, but the only way to make one leadership commitment is to get involved.

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 10.55.54 AM.png

Check out BoilerLink and join a club or organization to take full advantage of your time spent at Purdue.


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