Just in time for Spring Break

You might have seen last week on Instagram that we discussed the importance of exercise. If not, you should know that exercise boosts our brain power, gives us energy and melts away stress. If you have been skipping your workout because you’re bored with Purdue’s CoRec or running out of workout ideas, then maybe you should try out Tenley Studio in Lafayette.

If you have tried it already and used your first free class but didn’t continue going because of the cost.. today is your lucky day. They are having a Spring Break Special. If you haven’t used your first free class, give it a try. If you love it, make sure to snatch up this spring break special before it ends on March 12, 2017.

Typically, their ‘All Class Pack’ which included Barre, Yoga, TKO, Ballet, and Cardio + Core pricing is $95 ($19/class) for 5 classes or $180 ($18/class) for 10 classes. I understand this is a steep cost. Luckily with the special they’re running, classes are only $45 for 5 classes or $90 for 10 classes.

Also, you have an entire year to use up the classes you buy. Even if you can’t fit them in before spring break, there’s plenty of time to go in and workout whenever you please.

“Tenley Studio is like having your own personal trainer,” said Purdue senior, Anna Greiner. “I haven’t had that great of a workout since high school when I played sports.”


Taken right before Tenley Advanced Tough Barre

Different types of classes offered:

  • Barre:
    • The Tenley Barre is a total body workout that burns fat and sculpts the body to create long lean legs, flat abs, sculpted arms, and a lifted seat. Our Tenley Barre fuses ballet barre conditioning in an hour long high intense workout session. Through this workout you will not only lose inches but you will also gain better posture, more flexibility and better body alignment. This workout will literally change your body — quickly and effectively! Our main goal as instructors is to make sure you get the most out of your workout with hands-on correcting.
    • They even offer different skills levels such as Tenley Open, Tenley Mixed and Tenley Advanced Tough.
  • Cardio + Core
    • Work it and burn it! Intense interval training that keeps your heart rate elevated and your muscles moving for an invigorating workout. Take your body to the next level! Low-High impact. Fast pace. Modifications offered. Not for the faint of heart!
  • TKO Knockout
    • TKO is a boxing training class to get you fighting fit! Each class is a new challenge and will transform you into a Tenley KnockOut! You will learn punching technique and form, and punch combinations. TKO is a cardio packed class with conditioning drills including burpees, jumps and more!
  • Ballet
    • Here at Tenley Studio, we are the only place in town that offers exclusive ballet classes specifically designed for adults. The class is technically structured and focuses on the fundamentals of classical ballet. It will teach you proper body alignment, and help strengthen muscle control, which will improve coordination and posture. You will develop body awareness, better range of motion, and an increase in flexibility, all of which will aide in injury prevention. In addition, you will strengthen cognitive performance and reaction times, making it a useful tool for your everyday wellness. Ballet will also introduce you to musicality and rhythm, as well as a general appreciation for the artistry of classical ballet. If you want to feel graceful and beautiful while getting an incredible workout, then come join a ballet class. 
    • They offer Beginner and Open skill levels.
  • Yoga
    •  They offer three different types of yoga.
    • Power Yoga- Link your breath with movement and learn how to “go with the flow” as as you energize your body with postures designed to increase strength, endurance, and flexibility. This class is appropriate for all levels.
    • Yin Yoga- This is a restorative yoga class and designed as a compliment to our other high energy classes. The focus of the class is gently stretching and healing through a series of long held yin yoga poses. There is no strain or struggle in the postures in this class, rather the focus is on relaxation and meditation. Leave this class feeling relaxed and energized!
    • Cardio Yoga- This class uses the proper alignment, breathing and consciousness that accompany yoga with the added resistance of weights and with short bursts of cardio intervals. Torch calories, sculpt and tone your body. This class is a great option for the seasoned yogi, or the beginner!

Tenley is a great workout option in the West Lafayette/ Lafayette area if you are looking for something new. I took advantage of this spring break special as soon as I heard about it so I knew I had to share. If you’ve have been wanting to try Tenley or go to more classes then hopefully this special will be beneficial to you. Have an amazing rest of your week!


Taken from mytenleystudio.com

*All italicized definitions are from the Tenley Studio website.


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