Add a little excitement to your college schedule

It wasn’t until my senior year that I discovered this article from the Purdue exponent about some of the really unique and fun classes Purdue has to offer.

This was unlucky for me, because it was too late to fit something fun in my schedule like Bowling ( I love to bowl), but lucky for you because hopefully it isn’t too late and you can fit something more exciting into your schedule. Or if you just need to fill your schedule with another elective, instead of taking an easy online class, you can opt for something you can look forward to.

The exponent article inspired me to look a little deeper and find a few more unique classes Purdue has to offer.

Let’s take a look at 10 classes:

AMST 20100 – Interpreting America

Credit Hours: 3.00. Introduction to the interdisciplinary study of American culture, history, and society in its national and global contexts.

They offer a version of it called, “Sports and Technology” where you learn about the equipment used in different sports, sports doping, and interview students on their perspective on sports. This class wasn’t on the exponents list of fun classes but I have personally taken it and loved it.

DANC 25000 – Dance Appreciation

Credit Hours: 3.00. Understanding and appreciation of dance as an art form. Topics include compositional forms; movement styles; elements of dance; and influential choreographers, dancers, and theorists representative of various historical periods and aesthetic points of view. 

EAPS 10600 – Geosciences In The Cinema

Credit Hours: 3.00. An introduction to earth and atmospheric sciences based on depictions in popular and documentary cinema. Topics will include: earthquakes, volcanoes, severe weather, dinosaurs, climate change, evolution, meteor impacts, and earth’s interior. Lectures will focus on discussion of the relevant science, separating fact from fiction, and disaster management. Assignments will consist of viewing of films and answering questions about the science contained therein.

EAPS 13800 – Thunderstorms And Tornadoes

Credit Hours: 3.00. Not open to juniors and seniors majoring in atmospheric science. An elementary treatment of the physical structure of the atmosphere and the dynamical conditions that lead to the development of convective clouds, thunderstorms, and severe weather (including tornadoes, hail, wind, rain, lightning, and flash floods). This course will also focus on storm climatology, the socioeconomic impact of severe weather, as well as prediction, detection, warnings, and safety procedures. Analysis of severe weather events will include tornado movies and case studies of ground/aerial surveys of storm damage.

FS 47000 – Wine Appreciation

Credit Hours: 3.00. A study of wine production and marketing principles with an emphasis upon consumption responsibility. Historical perspectives form the foundations for wine classification systems and traditional serving procedures. Cardinal scale sensory evaluations are conducted in relationship to various food pairings. Must be 21 years of age or older to register for this course. Permission of department required.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 6.55.32 PM.png

Wine Appreciation at Purdue. Photo taken from Purdue Agriculture Connections website.

HIST 37100 – Society, Culture, And Rock And Roll

Credit Hours: 3.00. Surveys American society and culture through the prism of rock and roll music. Looks at politics, gender, race, and class in the postwar era to examine and explain the social, economic, and technological forces that shaped rock and roll. 

HORT 36000 – Flower Arrangement And Indoor Plant Management

Credit Hours: 3.00. Principles of flower arrangements and displays. Identification, culture, propagation, and use of plants for indoor plantings.

PES 11200 – Aquatic Movement Forms

Credit Hours: 1.00. Instruction and practice in aquatic movement forms. Students select from the activities listed in the current schedule of classes. Following is a partial list of activities: beginning swimming; intermediate swimming; advanced swimming; synchronized swimming.

PES 11400 – Exercise And Conditioning

Credit Hours: 1.00. Instruction and practice in various types of exercise programs. Students select from the activities listed in the current schedule of classes. Following is a partial list of activities: body conditioning; exercise and fitness; exercise to music; jogging and running; relaxation techniques; weight training; exercise and principles of weight control. 

PES 11500 – Individual And Dual Movement Forms I

Credit Hours: 1.00. Instruction and practice in individual and dual movement forms conducted in an indoor setting. Students select from the activities listed in the current schedule of classes. Following is a partial list of activities: badminton; billiards; bowling; fencing; judo; karate; beginning gymnastics; intermediate gymnastics; squash; racquetball; yoga; kung fu; personal defense. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 6.59.09 PM.png

Bowling Class at Purdue. Photo taken from

PES 11800 – Horseback Riding

Credit Hours: 1.00. Instruction and practice in hunter seat equitation. Class meets off campus, and students are expected to provide their own transportation. Following is a partial list of offerings: beginning; intermediate; advanced; combined training.


Personally, I wish someone had showed me this list of classes before I was nearing the end of graduation road but hopefully it’s not too late for you. With fall registration coming up, maybe this list will help you take something fun that interests you.

Want to do a little more research for yourself? Check out all the classes Purdue has to offer here.


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