Purdue Nightlife Deals

Well more specifically, Brother’s Bar & Grill nightlife deals. Purdue has a handful of bars open on almost all days of the week so if I talked about all nightlife, that would be a long post.

But for this post, I will give you a run down on the deals Brother’s offers every day of the week. Most importantly, I want to talk about Tuesday’s at Brothers.

A common misconception of most Purdue students is that Wing Wednesday at Brother’s offers the best deal on wings… wrong. It’s actually on Tuesday.

During the week, many Purdue students (myself included) go to Brother’s for the boneless wings and drinks. Well on Wednesday a half pound of wings is $2.50 and a pound is $5.00. Whereas on Tuesday, a half pound of wings is only $2.00 and a pound is $4.00.

Even though most Purdue students are familiarized with “Wing Wednesday”, you should all be taking advantage of the wings on Tuesday!

Not familiar with Brother’s Bar & Grill weekly deals? Well let me share from their website:

MONDAY: 50¢ Rolling Rock Cans, $1 Double Wells

TUESDAY: $2 Double Wells, $2 Any Draft

WEDNESDAY: WING NIGHT, 25¢ wings, $1.25 Miller High Life bottles, $1.50 Double Wells

THURSDAY: $1.50 Double Well Mixers, $1 O Bombs, $2.50 Bud Light Drafts

FRIDAY: $4 Double Wells, $3 Shots: Fireball, Lemon Drop, Upside Down,Pineapple, Cheesecake, White Dove

SATURDAY: $4 Double Wells, $3 Shots: Fireball, Lemon Drop, Upside Down, Pineapple, Cheesecake, White Dove

SUNDAY: $2 Double Wells

Coming to Brother’s during the week to enjoy an inexpensive drink and some food is a must for many Purdue students. Students will come to Brother’s as a way to enjoy a late dinner, catch up with friends, or even grab a table and play cards.

If you haven’t yet, take advantage of Brother’s Bar & Grill specials and the boneless wings are a must.

Not interested in wings? They have cheeseburgers, fried pickles, breadsticks, etc. Grab some friends, take a break from studying, and enjoy some awesome weekly deals!


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