Purdue Mom’s Weekend

There is a weekend every year at Purdue University where the majority of sororities and fraternities on campus have something called “Mom’s Weekend”. This is where all moms to the members of the organization are invited to Purdue for a weekend with their son or daughter.

Houses will hold events at the Sorority or Fraternity to have activities for the moms to do with their son/daughter. I had my mom up for this year’s Mom’s Weekend at my sorority, Delta Gamma. We were able to celebrate by attending a brunch and silent auction at the house, which they hold every year for Mom’s weekend.

I attached a sound clip from my mom at the Neon Cactus. I took her out with me at night after activities at Delta Gamma and going out to a nice dinner. We were surrounded by tons of sorority and fraternity members celebrating with their mothers as well.

This day was not only moms day but it was my birthday, which made it even more special to be able to be with family.

The weekend is an opportunity for students in greek life to show their mother what life is like for them at Purdue. They can show them where they lived, will live, or have lived by taking them to their sorority/fraternity house. Members can also take their moms out at night to a fraternity or bar so they can experience night life as well.

This weekend gives students a break from school work and they can relax with their mom and give them an insight into their life at school.


There is also Dad’s weekend which takes place in the fall semester during a football game, naturally.


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