DIY Room Decoration

I’m going to share a creative room decoration design that I love and it will allow you to showcase your photos perfectly, but at an inexpensive cost.

Whether you’re already searching for ideas to decorate your apartment/dorm for next semester or you are realizing that you’re room at home needs a major redesign this summer, this is the room design for you.

What you need:

You can find all these items at your local Walmart. In the online photo center on Walmart’s website, you can link your Instagram to print off all of your favorite (and perfectly edited) moments. Plus, it only cost $0.09 a photo.

Right when I got to Purdue last fall, I drove to the West Lafayette Walmart and snagged all these items and put together this cute (and cheap) photo wall design that I will show you how to create.

File_000 (1)

Here’s how to DIY:

  • Place the command hooks where you want them.
    • First, I figured out how far apart I wanted my command hooks so it would create a nice frame above my full-sized bed. This was 3.5-4 feet wide.
    • I placed one command hook and then placed another one directly horizontal from the first. Then vertically, I placed the hooks eight inches apart. This left me with two columns of three that were 3.5-4 feet apart.
  • Tie your string.
    • I tied my string around each command hook so I would have three rows of string going across my wall.
    • Make sure to make your string almost tight when you tie it because the weight of the clothes pins and photos will create the drooping affect organically.
  • Attach nine photos to clothes pins across each row.
  • Enjoy!



This photo look is a perfect wall accent for above your bed or on a plain wall that needs brightening up.

I’m a big fan of this DIY creation because it is easy, cost effective, and when it’s time for the photos to come down, it leaves absolutely no marks on the wall. The command hooks come off easy and clean.

This wall design requires no need for blue stick tack on the back of yours photos that will stain the walls with residue (trust me, I would know) and it doesn’t require heavy frames that will leave nail holes in the walls.

It’s the perfect room decoration for temporary living or if you are looking to switch up your room design.

Happy creating! xo



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